Photography is to me the most intimate way to show the world as I perceive it. To gain access to my catalogue of pictures along with details contact me at
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Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, Bassin d’Arcachon, December 2018

Grand Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2019

Plage de la Garonne, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020

Le Canon, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020

Plage du Truc-Vert, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020

Plage de l’Horizon, Cap Ferret, December 2020

Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020

Birds on electric files in Cap Ferret, France

Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, April 2021

Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, December 2018

Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, July 2020

Bassin d'Arcachon, August 2021

Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, February 2022

Etretat, Normandy, January 2021

Chamvres, Burgundy, September 2020

Boy watching a football game in Aubervilliers, France

Aubervilliers, France, Octobre 2019

Paris, France, September 2021

Gorges de Galamus, France, April 2022

Gorges de Galamus, France, April 2022

Ille-sur-Têt, France, April 2022

Opoul-Périllos, France, April 2022

Ille-sur-Têt, France, April 2022

Mondeggi, Italy, September 2020

Mondeggi, Italy, September 2020

Caserta, Italy, September 2020

Hotel in Fiumiccino near Rome, Italy

Fiumicino, Italy, June 2021

Casablanca, Morocco, Feebruary 2020

Casablanca, Morocco, February 2020

Casablanca, Morocco, February 2020

Casablanca, Morocco, March 2020

Essaouira, Morocco, Mars 2020

Jérusalem, Israël, March 2019

Montréal, Canada, August 2020

Montréal, Canada, August 2020

Kerala, India, May 2018

Bombay, India, July 2019

Tulipalem Beach, Andhra Pradesh, India, July 2019

Kochi, India, January 2023

Thekkady, India, January 2023

Mararikulam,India, January 2023

Alapphuza, India, January 2023

Bombay Station, India, July 2019

Hyderabad, India, July 2019

Tamil Nadu, India, April 2018

Varanasi, India, June 2018

Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal, July 2018

Lo Mantang, Kingdom of Mustang, Nepal, July 2018

Georgetown, Malaysia, January 2018

Streets of Malacca in Malaysia with chinese decorations

Malacca, Malaysia, January 2018

Edinburgh, Scotland, February 2020

Richmond, England, March 2020

Richmond, England, April 2020

Richmond, England, May 2020

Basel, Switzerland, June 2022

Plage de l'Horizon, Lège Cap-Ferret, November 2020

Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, August 2022

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