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I am a french photographer based in Europe. While studying in Spéos - Photography School, I specialised in documentary photography and I am currently involved in several cultural, social and environmental projects. I am constantly collaborating with companies, non-governmental organisations and artists on their visual identity and story telling.

Having trained as a lawyer at the Paris Bar, following my seven years of legal studies at University Pantheon-Assas, I have gone on to work as a lawyer specialized in copyright law in Paris. I have co-founded the non-governmental organisation Barreau des Arts in 2019, allowing free access to lawyers for artists having copyright law issues and in a precarious economic situation.

The same year I've co-founded a media, named Parietism, focusing on artistic performances in the urban environment.

Finally, as a musician, I have taught at the Ecole Française de Piano and have been part of different bands, while learning piano at the Schola Cantorum de Paris.
E-mail : corentin.schimel@gmail.com
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2021 :  Canon Student Development Program - Visa pour l'image
2021 :  European Training in Photographic Legacy Management, in partnership with Spéos and Magnum Photos
2019-2020 :  SPEOS International Photographic Institute (Paris) - Professionnal Photography in 2 years Program  - specialization in photo-documentary and photo-journalism 
- Spéos Gallery, Paris, France, September 2021, "Mondeggi Terra Bene Comune"
-  La Forge des Affranchis, Nannay, France, June 2020, ""Le Flow Itinérant"
- Spéos Virtual Exhibition, June 2020, "Richmond in the time of Covid-19"
-  « Photos de famille (s) », by Tami Notsani, with the Institute of Islamic Cultures, 2020
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- "Rendez-vous des artistes-auteurs", organised by Pôle Arts Visuels Pays de la Loire, April 2021
Press publications
- Le 18ème du mois, n°284, July / August 2020 : "Street Art à Montmartre" and "Tensions ravivées Place du Tertre"
- Le 18ème du mois, n°281, April 2020 : «Rosine Kaboré dans le rôle de sa vie» 
- Le 18ème du mois, n°281, April 2020 : Sur les murs, la colère des femmes»
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- Le 18ème du mois, n°272, June 2019 : « 22, V’La les poulets de la rue Myrha »

Grand-Piquey, Lège-Cap-Ferret, December 2018