Since my childhood, I have spent several months a year in Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, on the Arcachon Bay in France. The tides of time turned the bay into a tourist destination “a la mode” during the summer while it depicts a different face throughout the rest of the year. This series, which is intended to span across a lifetime, commenced in 2019; showing the basin as I most often know it: peaceful, timeless, speckled with shades of loneliness and harboring hews of melancholy in its shores.

Le Canon, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020
Plage de la Truquette, Les Jacquets, Lège Cap-Ferret, October 2019
La Teste-de-Buch, July 2020
L'Herbe, Lège Cap-Ferret January 2020
Atlantic Ocean, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020
Atlantic coast, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020
Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020
Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, July 2020
Plage de la Pointe aux Chevaux, Petit-Piquey, Lège Cap-Ferret, October 2019
Atlantic coast, Lège Cap-Ferret, January 2020
"On the dune of the ocean, nothing gives the time; it looks like the early ages of the world". Jean Cocteau 
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